How Can I Naturally Relieve Ear Pain?

For most people, not much attention is given to earache unless they are already experiencing unspeakable pain from it. For most cases, ear pain is not life-threatening. However, it can become debilitating especially if caused by an infection. It is always money-wise to know how you can relieve ear pain naturally with at-home remedies.

What’s Causing Ear Pain?

Earache has may causes but what’s primarily producing the pain? It is the increase in pressure inside your ears. Factors such as an increase in altitude(during an airplane flight) an underlying infection (cough and colds), allergic reaction to dust or insect (that accidentally enters your ears) and even trapping of bacteria-laden water (usually when you are swimming)are the common causes of increased ear pressure.

How to Treat Ear Pain?

How do you relieve ear pain? Most of you would certainly say, “Go to an ear doctor”. Yes, you can go to your physician but then you might end up hurting your pockets for something that could have been relieved by natural remedies, some of which are actually just in your kitchen! This is especially true when your earache is just caused by air pressure changes. If this is the case then following information bellow can help you.

These are helpful tips on how you can relieve ear pain naturally:

  • Put a cold pack on the outer portion of the affected ear. Do this for twenty minutes to decrease pain.
  • Because ear pain may worsen when you lie down, sit uprightly to reduce ear pressure.
  • If you have no tea tree oil allergies, you can put a drop or two of it inside your ears. This herbal medication has gentle anti-bacterial components. There are other herbal remedies available but be sure to check on the ingredients to avoid allergies.

For airplane earache:

  • Swallow. A certain part inside your ear regulates ear pressure; this is called the Eustachian tube. As you swallow, the muscles which open the tube get activated. When the plane is about to take off or land, swallow frequently. This gets rid of ear pain.
  • Yawn. Don’t hold your yawn. It is a great way to normalize the pressure within your ears.
  • Suck. Yes, suck a lollipop or candy. This actually works by opening your Eustachian tube.
  • Chew. Do you know chewing a gum can help? It works just like swallowing.
  • Keep Awake. When you sleep you will not be able to the following things above so you have to be awake during the taking off or landing of the plane.
  • American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery recommends this: pinch your nose securely closed. Using the forefinger of your free hand to close the outside opening of your unaffected ear, close your mouth and blow out using the closed nostrils. Blow like how you would with your nose. However, this is not advisable for those with suspected infection in their upper-respiratory system because it might ascend to your ears.

What You Must Remember

Though it is safe to naturally relieve ear pain, if you have fever or other symptoms that indicate your ear pain may be due to an infection, it is best to consult your physician immediately. Untreated ear infection can lead to hearing loss and other complications.